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Technical Seminar--25th CFSMA Exhibition

2023-02-13    from:

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Technical Seminar Call for Papers

CFSMA is looking for experience and expertise in the latest scientific and technological innovations in friction and sealing materials, components, systems and testing, if you want to show advancements and innovations opinions that meet the expectations of industry and the end user customers.

Direction under Consideration

1. Report on development situation about friction & sealing material industry in domestic and overseas;

2. Current situation and prospect forecast about automobile industry;

3. Analysis on the development trend of friction & sealing material technology;

4. Friction & sealing material new product, new process, new material, new equipment, new method innovation achievements exchange;

5. How does the enterprise take the road of high quality development

6. Accelerate the promotion of equipment automation and intelligence

7. The impact of new ideas and formats of the Internet and the Internet of Things on the development of the industry

8. How to realize the grand goal of "suitable for industry, good for mankind" in the friction & sealing material industry

9. Seize the opportunity, and strive to participate in international competition, and constantly open up a new path for industry development

10. Introduction of typical enterprise development experience

Important Dates:   


Deadline for submit topic


Deadline of the profile(in both Chinese and English) and photo of speaker


Deadline for submit regular manuscript

(PowerPoint and Word Format)


All presentations in the Technical Seminar shall be prepared in a PowerPoint format. Duration of the presentation should be no longer than 30 minutes, including translation time. Topic and abstract of the presentation shall be submitted to cfsma16@126.com.

All people are required to wear the exhibitor badge all the time at technical sessions. No one will be admitted to enter in without exhibitor badge.

Exhibitor badge can be obtained when registration on May 31st , 2023.



(Registration Fees)

By May. 1st, 2023

After May. 1st, 2023




When you complete registration, you will get one bag includes: a representative badge, one meal ticket, one banquet ticket, one exhibitor book.

The bag will be provide when registration on May 31st , 2023.

Contact Information

Mr. Yao Wang, Honorary President, CFSMA

Tel: 0086-10-88083126

Cell phone: 13501192835

Email: cfsma1@126.com; w434y@163.com

Shi Mengmeng

Tel: 0086-10-88084682

Email: cfsma9@126.com