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The 26th International Friction and Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition Grandly Opened in Nanjing

2024-05-17    from:

On May 8th, organized by China Friction &Sealing Material Association, the "26th International Friction and Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition "(hereinafter "the CFSMA 26th Exhibition ")grandly opened at Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Colleagues from both home and abroad, engaged in the friction and sealing materials industry and related sectors of the upstream and downstream value chain, gathered by the picturesque Xuanwu Lake in the ancient capital of Jinling, to share this exceptional industry event! 

The year 2024 represents a pivotal year for the "14th Five-Year Plan," during which the government, as outlined in the annual government work report, emphasizes the aggressive promotion of the modern industrial system's construction and the rapid development of new quality productive forces. This strategy seeks to facilitate the transformation of traditional industries into high-end, intelligent, and environmentally friendly sectors, thereby facilitating the optimization and upgrading of industrial supply chains. The CFSMA 26th Exhibition was adopting the theme of "Innovation Leads: Building a New Development Pattern." It promoted a focus on technological innovation as the core, with an orientation towards green development and intelligent manufacturing, thereby empowering the high-quality development of industry enterprises. Concurrently, it took into account the domestic and international trends in friction and sealing materials. This led to the integration and optimization of supply chains, fostering competitive advantages and forward strategic positioning. It also initiated new impetus for the sustainable development of industry enterprises, comprehensively constructing a new development pattern for the friction and sealing materials sector. With meticulous preparation, the organizing committee of the CFSMA 26th Exhibition aims to provide a better sense of experience and gratification for industry professionals from all sectors. Simultaneously, driven by the commitment to fostering the automation and intelligence of equipment manufacturing in the industry, a dedicated equipment professional exhibition area has been specially set this year. This area brings together the most influential equipment enterprises in the country, demonstrating the current state of development and the level of automation and intelligence in Chinese friction and sealing material-related equipment.  

The CFSMA 26th Exhibition attracted representatives from over 20 countries and regions, including Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, to participate and exhibit. 

The exhibition formally opened at 9:00 am on May 8th. Notable overseas figures from relevant organizations, such as Roy H Link, the Chairman of the SAE Brake Colloquium & Exhibition in the United States; Dr. Seong Kwan Rhee, the Chair of the AsiaBrake Conference and Exhibition Steering Committee; Mr. Wang Qingzheng, the President of Taiwan Friction Material Association; Mr. Boonyawat Teeraprawatekul, the Chairman of the AsiaBrake Conference and Exhibition; Dr. Gao Guanying, a renowned international sealing expert and a US-based Chinese scholar, expressed their felicitations through video messages, wishing the exhibition a resounding success. 

Special Vice President of CMBF and Honorary President of CFSMA Wang Yao, the Executive President of CFSMA Wang Ping, Zhen Minghui, Tao Xianbo, Vice President of CFSMA Bai Kejiang, Ma Qiongxiu, Gai Junyuan, Qu Tangji, Li Ducheng, Shen Jie, Fu Wenfeng, Liu Yihui, Lei Jianbin, Secretary General of CFSMA Shen Bing, Supervisor of CFSMA Wu Yimin, Deputy Secretary General of CFSMA Jiang Shousong, extended invitations to key guests such as Mr. Wang Qingzheng, Dr. Gao Guanying, Shi Yao, Li Kang, Yang Bin, Ren Junfeng to join them in touring the exhibition together.  

The exhibition received significant support from Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd, Osaka Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu REK High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd., Ningbo Delidong Mechinery Technology Co., Ltd., Dinggu Industrial Material & Technology Co., Ltd.,ZhongShan, Hebei NewTime Foundation Fire Insulation Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tribotecc Functional Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Jiangxi SoBen New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Runhua (Jiangsu) New Material Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Fuchun River Technology. Autonomous intellectual property automatic and intelligent equipment made a prominent debut in the exhibition area, while the indoor customized booths featured the latest brake pads, seals, and various raw and auxiliary materials. Foreign booths were abuzz with lively trade negotiations, and the standard booths were neatly arranged with a multitude of goods. On the opening day of the exhibition, a bustling and fervent scene unfolded once again, reminiscent of a sea of people and bustling activity. 

The CFSMA EXPO has successfully held 25 years, already cultivating significant influence and outstanding industry reputation both domestically and internationally. This exhibition featured a net display area of 11,000 square meters, with 260 exhibitors, equivalent to 445 standard booths; among them, the number of foreign enterprises participating in the exhibition reached 33, equivalent to more than 48 standard booths, both the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors hit a record high.

Exhibitors and display products cover all kinds of friction materials, brake and transmission products, all kinds of sealing materials, various raw materials used in the production of friction sealing materials, various fiber materials, chemical products, equipment, testing instruments and other related products and other upstream and downstream fields of the whole industry chain, providing a one-stop comprehensive service platform for trade negotiation and procurement for domestic and foreign enterprises and professionals. Shandong Shengquan, Zhengzhou Baiyun, Yantai Ishikawa, Linyi Gaishi, Chengdu Junma,Jiangsu REK,NewTime Foundation, Runhua (Jiangsu) New Materials, Delidong Machinery, Jinan Yuechuang, and other domestic representative enterprises, as well as Link Engineering, Otsuka, Cardolite, Sangsin Brake, Itochu, Teijin Aramid, Frimeco, Tribotecc and other internationally renowned enterprises all appeared at the exhibition. 

On the morning of the 8th, the inaugural meeting of the Expert Committee of CFSMA was held in the lecture hall, the honorary president of CFSMA Wang Yao, the executive president Wang Ping, Zhen Minghui, Tao Xianbo, the Secretary General Shen Bing, the Deputy Secretary General Jiang Shousong, the Senior Adviser Li Kang, Shi Yao, Gao Guanying, Yang Bin, Ren Junfeng and 25 expert members attended the meeting, which was presided over by Mr. Wang Yao. At the meeting, Secretary General Shen Bing announced the formal establishment of the Expert Committee of the 8th Council of CFSMA,and announced the list of the expert committee members. The leaders of CFSMA presented certificates to the senior advisors and members.

On the afternoon of 8th, concurrent to the exhibition hall, a comprehensive report meeting was held in the auditorium. Xu Changming, the Vice Director of the State Information Center, delivered a presentation titled "Current situation and development trend of automobile industry" ;Tian Bin, Director of the Institute of Industrial Economy Center for International Economic and Technological Cooperation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P.R.C., gave a talk on "Opportunities and challenges in the new stage of high-quality development of the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative" ;Wu Qingtao, the General Manager of Beijing Guojian Lianxin Certification Center Co., Ltd., presented on "Empower the development of new quality productivity in the friction & sealing material industry with green and low-carbon" ;Liu Yihui, President of Zhuhai Glory Friction Materials Co., Ltd., gave a speech on "Reflection on the construction of a new development pattern in the friction & sealing material industry”. Four experts presented a thought-provoking feast that was both elevated, extensive, and profound, offering perspectives on national macro-level policy orientation, international situation development trends, upstream and downstream industrial chains, and the high-quality development of the friction & sealing materials industry. 

A signing ceremony for the Cooperation Framework Agreement on jointly promoting green, low-carbon, and high-quality development in the friction and sealing industry was held during the comprehensive report meeting between CFSMA and Beijing Guojian Lianxin Certification Center Co., Ltd. Shen Bing, Secretary General of CFSMA, and Wu Qingtao, General Manager of Beijing Guojian Lianxin Certification Center Co., Ltd., jointly signed the Cooperation Framework Agreement. 

The online exhibition was launched on April 29, with all offline exhibitors making their appearance in the virtual event. The content, including exhibition introduction, schedule arrangement, exhibitor recommendations, and interactive zones, was equally splendid as the offline event. Visitors could easily browse the exhibition and participate in interactions through the cloud by logging onto zh.cfsma.org.cn. This approach freed the event from time and space constraints, allowing both domestic and international professionals who could not attend the offline exhibition to gain a clear understanding of the event. It significantly increased the exposure opportunities for exhibitors, enhanced the effectiveness of their displays, and expanded the channels for interaction. 

The technical session of Friction and Sealing Material will commence on May 9th, featuring 28 distinguished speakers from both domestic and international backgrounds presenting insightful reports. The reports will closely examine the development trends within the upstream and downstream sectors of the domestic market, the technological advancements in the friction and sealing material industry, as well as the challenges and pain points in innovation, product development, and equipment advancement in the face of new application scenarios. It is believed that the exchange and discussion among experts and industry insiders will undoubtedly play a significant role in driving the development and technological progress of the industry.

The early summer in Nanjing is characterized by lush greenery, flourishing branches, and blooming flowers, presenting a beautiful urban landscape that also heralds an unprecedented grand occasion for the CFSMA 26th Exhibition. May all domestic and international friends participating in the exhibition and the conference fully enjoy the splendor of both the city and the event, reaping abundant rewards!