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Exhibit Details--24th CFSMA Exhibition

2022-03-07    from:

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The 24th International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition Scheduled hold in July 6th-8th, 2022 at Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center, decide to extend on August 8th-10th, 2022. Preparation of Exhibition and Registration time is arranged at August 7th 2022. The address of the exhibition hall, check-in and hotel will remain unchanged.

Exhibit Detail

Size for Standard Booth: 3m×3m×2.5m (L×W×H),

Size for Custom-built Booth: minimum 4×standard booth size or larger


Booth Types

By July. 1st, 2022

After July. 1st, 2022

Custom-built Booth

$200 / (minimum 36m2 or Larger)

$250 / (minimum 36m2 or Larger)

Standard Booth

$2000 / 3m×3m

$2500 /3m×3m

Corner Position Surcharges:

add 500 CNY for a standard booth fees (surcharges will be exempted for booking 2 booths nearby corner)

Cancellation and Refund

1.  Refunds 70% cost of exhibit space, before May. 16th, 2022.

2.  Refunds 50% cost of exhibit space, before May. 23th, 2022.

3.  Refunds 30% cost of exhibit space, before May. 30th, 2022.

4.  No Refunds will be issued after June. 6th, 2022.  

Fees Includes

Each of standard booths include: one table, two chairs, two projection lamps, one 500W socket and a lintel board.

Each of standard booths includes two exhibitor badges, two meal tickets, two banquet tickets, two exhibitor books.

Free for a “company introduction” in exhibitor book.

Exhibitor Book

We will publish an Exhibitor Book for the CFSMA Annual Conference (Circulation is about 2000 copies). The book will be distributed to all exhibitors and related industries. A copy of the book will also be given to all visitors attending the Annual Conference.

As a benefit for participants taking part in the exhibition, A free advertising space (A5 size) in the Exhibitor Book will be provided for each exhibitors to write a short paragraph about company (no more than 350 words. Including company name, company profile in both Chinese and English, company address, post code, telephone number, fax number ,email address ). An electronic copy of the writing should send to editor of CFSMA (cfsma9@126.com) no later than June. 10th, 2022, it is the deadline to prepare publish Exhibitor Book.


Please complete payment within one week after booking.

No meals will be served before July 5th , 2022.

All people are required to wear the exhibitor badge all the time at technical sessions. No one will be admitted to enter in without exhibitor badge.

Exhibitor badge can be obtained at the registration day July 5th , 2022.

Contact Information

Mr. Yao Wang, President, CFSMA

Tel: 0086-10-88083135

Cell phone: 13501192835

Email: cfsma1@126.com; w434y@163.com

Shi Mengmeng

Tel: 0086-10-88084682

Email: cfsma9@126.com