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The 26th CFSMA Exhibition Booths are nearly sold out

2024-03-11    from:

The 26th International Friction and Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition (abbreviated as the 26th CFSMA Exhibition”)will be hold on 8th-10th May, in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. As the countdown to the highly anticipated 26th CFSMA Exhibition begins, excitement is building with the announcement that booth space is nearly sold out. With a yearly increase in the number of exhibitors participating, this year's event is shaping up to be a record-breaker. The growth reflects not only the confidence in our event but also the eager anticipation among exhibitors to show their latest advancements.

Aerial view of the Exhibition Center for the 26th CFSMA Exhibition

In order to demonstrate the development of equipment manufacturing related to friction and sealing materials in China, as well as to promote the automation and intelligent development of equipment manufacturing, an equipment exhibition area is added.Meanwhile,in order to push and publicize the exceptional enterprises and to satisfy the need of promoting new products, new materials, new equipment, new standards and other achievement, the organization committee will set a Networking Zone in Hall B. Networking Zone will serve as a lively and interactive place for negotiations and exchanging, showcasing the exceptional enterprises, latest products, cutting-edge technologies, innovative equipment, and advanced materials. This area is equipped with LED screens and sound systems, audience seats. The publicity and promotion of the enterprise takes the form of paid release, each promotional content is 10-30minutes as a unit, it charges RMB3000 for the venue and equipment and other service fees.

The CFSMA Exhibition, which has grown in prominence and influence over the years, offers an ideal platform for businesses to demonstrate their capabilities, explore new opportunities, and engage in meaningful conversations with industry peers.

As the 26th CFSMA Exhibition draws nearer, excitement is mounting. The Exhibition is poised to deliver an unforgettable experience filled with discovery, innovation, and collaboration. Please stay tuned for more updates as the Exhibition nears its grand opening!