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The 12th CFSMA (Zhuhai) Friction Material Technology Training Course was successfully held

2024-01-16    from:

The 12th CFSMA (Zhuhai) Friction Material Technology Training Course organized by China Friction and Sealing Material Association(CFSMA was successfully held from 7th to 9th December.120 trainees from 66 friction material-related enterprises at home and abroad engaged in friction theory research, raw material supply, product R&D, formula and process design, product testing, quality control, technical management, etc., participated in the two-day training.Mr.Wang Yao,the honorary president of CFSMA, presided over the training.

On the basis of listening to the needs of enterprises extensively,the content of  the training course have been carefully arranged,including the following 6 parts: The characteristics of various raw materials for friction materials and their influence on the characteristics of friction materials,Automobile brake and principles、methods and applications of basic performance design of friction materials,Mechanism of automobile noise and control and solution discussion,Explanation of automotive inertial test bench and SAE related standards,Principles/standards/methods and applications of scaling tests,Work experience of friction material technology.


The training course instructors are well-known experts in the industry who have both a solid theoretical level and rich practical experience. Focusing on the key issues of different aspects of friction material technology, the trainers organically integrate relevant professional theories with long-term practical experience. The whole course is gradual, not only forming a complete technical chain that coincides with the actual work, but also integrating the latest research results and related research content in recent years. Whether from the perspective of theoretical elaboration, future R&D direction guidance, or solving practical problems, it provides a rare opportunity for industry enterprises to learn.

After the training course,all the trainees visited Zhuhai Glory Friction Materials Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Glory is a professional friction material manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company's main products are disc brake blocks, drum brake shoes, subway and light rail brake blocks and related hardware, the market is distributed in more than 80 countries and regions in Chinese mainland, Europe, North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and its own brands CAC, Nexperia, Paxton and Barbaro Racing sell well at home and abroad.

CFSMA will continue to hold industry training activities, invite domestic and foreign experts to be training course instructors, help enterprises to practice their internal skills, rely on technological progress to enhance their competitiveness.