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The 25th International Friction and Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition Successfully Closed

2023-06-09    from:

In early summer in Xi'an, both sides of the Ba River are covered in lush greenery. The 25th International Friction and Sealing Materials Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition, hosted by the China Friction and Sealing Materials Association, successfully concluded on June 3rd. This grand event was held in Xi'an,the ancient capital of thousands of years. On both sides of the Ba River, ancient culture and modern civilization blend and mingled. Under the new development situation both domestically and internationally, this exhibition adheres to the purpose of providing the industry with a "all-round, diversified, efficient, and service-oriented" face-to-face communication and cooperation platform,once again provides a feast of exchange and cooperation for new technologies, new products, new processes, new materials, new equipment, new ideas, and new trends in the friction and sealing industry both at home and abroad.

The annual international friction and sealing material technology exchange and product exhibition has been successfully held for 24 sessions, and the 25th exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, which is unprecedented! No metter the number of domestic and foreign exhibitors, visitors,or the number of domestic and foreign speakers, as well as the quality, depth, and breadth of the speeches, are more than previous sessions. This exhibition fully demonstrated the strength of the professional international friction and sealing material exhibition with the largest professional scale, strong cohesion, and great influence.

The conference lasted for three days from June 1 to June 3, with the theme of "green, intelligent and high-quality development", the activities closely around the technological progress and innovative development of China's friction and sealing materials industry were carried out in Xi 'an International Convention and Exhibition Center and the conference hall of Vienna International Hotel,all of the activities were rich in content.

Highlight 1. Seize the opportunity to restart the internationalization of the exhibition

With the adjustment and liberalization of epidemic prevention and control policies this year, international colleagues can finally freely communicate with each other, and the extensive, lively, and valuable face-to-face exchanges and transactions that had been carried out for a long time have finally ushered in the opportunity to restart. CFSMA spared no time and reacted quickly, taking this exhibition as an important opportunity to resume the traditional international exchange activities of the industry. We promptly dispatched staff to visit the AsiaBrake Conference and Exhibition, carried out active business and diplomatic activities, invited multiple international experts and merchants to exchange ideas, and fully played the role of the international stage. Representatives from overseas in this exhibition include Hong Kong ,Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, India, South Korea, Japan, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Iran, Russia, Morocco, Brazil, USA, etc.

More than 60 overseas colleagues gathered in Xi'an to connive on the technological progress of industry enterprises.The chairman of SAE Brake Colloquium&Exhibition U.S.,Roy H Link,the steering committee chair of AsiaBrake Conference and Exhibiton Dr. Seong Kwan Rhee, the chairman of Friction Material Association of Taiwan WANG CHING-CHENG,international renowned sealing experts,Dr.Gao Guanying,send their Congratulations videos with wishing the exhibition a success and they gave high praise of the event.

Highlight 2. The exhibition has a wide range of content and strong popularity

One of the highlights of this exhibition is the professional and efficient product exhibition. With its profound foundation, this exhibition  played the radiation and driving role of leading enterprises in the new materials industry, focuses on key areas, and guides the concentration and chain development of the upstream and downstream industries.This exhibition has attracted high attention from domestic and foreign enterprises and professionals in the industry, with a significant increase in the number of paticipations. More than 1200 domestic and foreign enterprises and industry professionals have registered in advance to participate and participate in the exhibition, with a total of over 10000 visitors visiting the exhibition in three days. Including friction and sealing products, various raw materials, various fiber materials, chemical products, equipment and instruments, and other related products,the exhibits are dazzling.There are all kinds of products equipment and instruments representing the latest technology in products, showing the complete industrial chain from raw materials to production, processing, packaging and transportation as well as scientific research.

Highlight 3: Backbone take the lead,enterprises actively participate in the exhibition

In order to fully display the latest achievements of high-quality development of the industry, promote trade and technological exchanges, and boost the vitality of industry development, CFSMA has carefully planned and prepared this exhibition, which has received strong support from leading and backbone enterprises, such as Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd.,Zhengzhou Baiyun Industrial Co., Ltd. and Otsuka Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Shuoruo Technology Co., Ltd.,Jiangsu REK High-Tec Materials Co., Ltd.,ZhongShan DingGu Industrial Material & Technology Co., Ltd, Hebei NewTime Foundation Fire Insulation Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,Shanghai Dianyang Industrial Co., Ltd. Xi’an Shuntong Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Technology, Jiangxi SoBen New Material Technology Co., Ltd.,Ningbo Delidong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.,Runhua(Jiangsu) New Materials Co.,Ltd,Xianyang Non-metallic Mineral Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Yuhuan Wanrun Machinery Co., Ltd.,and Xianyang Hailong Sealing Composite Materials Co., Ltd. also provided strong support for the exhibition..Well-known domestic enterprises such as Shandong Shengquan, Jinan Yuechuang, Yantai Texrise, Cocan (Hubei) Graphite, Nantong Xinyuan, as well as well-known international  enterprises such as Link Engineering, Cardolite, Frimeco, Tribotec, Teijin Aramid Asia, all made appearances in the exhibition.They have played a positive role in boosting the development vitality of China's friction and sealing industry and promoting international exchanges.

This exhibition covers an exhibition area of 10000 square meters, with nearly 250 exhibitors, of which more than 20% are foreign enterprises far exceeds the previous exhibitions.The exhibition products cover various types of friction materials, brake and transmission products, various sealing materials, various raw materials , various fiber materials, chemical products, equipment,testing instruments and other related products in various fields upstream and downstream of the entire industry chain. The exhibition provides a series of service platforms for domestic and foreign enterprises and professionals, such as technical cooperation, technology transfer, entrusted processing, entrusted agency negotiations, and domestic and foreign trade negotiations. In the spacious and bright exhibition area, the special booth is colorful, the foreign booth is eye-catching, and the standard booth is neat and uniform. Participants are full of expectations and exploration, roaming in each booth. They stopped in front of the booth or directly gathered at the booth reception table,while carrying out specific technical and business exchanges and reaching preliminary business intentions,it can not hide the joy of friendship between industry colleagues.

Highlight 4. Pay attention to the forefront of the industries, share new technologies and achievements

The 25th International Technical Report Conference on Friction Materials is a grand event for domestic and foreign industry experts and scholars to exchange and share their technical experience. The one-and-a-half day technical report conference is rich of content, presents a wonderful audio-visual feast for the participants.

The technical reports pay close attention to the frontier issues of the industry development, focus on the development trend of the friction material industry at home and abroad, the analysis and forecast of the development status of the automotive industry, the exchange of achievements of new products, new processes, new materials, new equipment and new methods of friction materials at home and abroad, as well as the technical discussion of friction materials for new energy vehicles, the exchange of the automization of related equipment, and the discussion of the application technology of new materials, in total there are 19 wonderful reports.

Adam Link, General Manager of Link Engineering Company, gave a wonderful speech entitled"Non-Exhaust, Brake, and Tire Emissions ─ Euro 7 and U.S. Perspectives " ; Meechai Sriwiboon, Program Chair of AsiaBrake Conference&Exhibition gave a wonderful speech titled "Aftermarket Brake Repairs: Challenges and Opportunities on EV Brake pads"; Wang CHING-CHENG, Chairman of Taiwan Friction Materials Association, gave a wonderful speech titled "Overview of Taiwan Friction Materials Association and Vehicle Industry"; Dr. Huang He, Application Manager of Brooke (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. in China, gave a wonderful speech titled "TriboLab HD : Scaled-down tribological performance characterization technique for brake friction materials"; Frederique Catterman, the international sales manager of Cardolite Corporation, gave a wonderful speech titled "Cardolite friction technology"; Georg Bouvier, Technical Director of Tribotec GmbH in Austria, gave a brilliant speech titled " A comparative Investigation of Synthetic Metal Sulfides to Improve NVH-Characteristics in Cu-free Disc Brake Pads "; Professor Peter Filip from the University of Southern Illinois was unable to attend the conference on site, but gave a wonderful online speech titled " Impact of Friction Layer on Performance of Automotive Brakes "; Professor Ma Yunhai from Jilin University gave a wonderful speech titled " Friction Performance of Modified Maize Straw Fiber/Carbonized Rice Husk Reinforced Brake Material "; Chen Kewen, Minister of Science and Technology Development Department of China Testing Certification International Group Xianyang Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful speech titled "Analysis of Test Methods and Technical Requirements for Friction Plates Used in New Energy Vehicles".

Summer Yi, Deputy Technical Director of Zhuhai Glory Friction Materials Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful speech titled "Study the effect of LS friction material’s porosity on its performance"; Chen Xiaogang, Senior Engineer of Product Formula at TMD Friction Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful speech titled " EV brake test procedure"; Jin Fei (represented by Chen Kewen) from China Testing Certification International Group Xianyang Co., Ltd. gave a wonderful speech titled " Research on Drag Test Method for Friction Performance and Analysis of Common Problems"; Andrea Geuna, CEO of TecSA HD S.r.l. A Socio Unico, gave a wonderful speech titled " NEW TRENDS IN BRAKE TESTING TECHNOLOGY"; Zhang Renyi, Executive Director of the Board of Directors of Zhengzhou Baiyun Group, gave a wonderful speech titled " Hot Pressing Automation Communication"; Yao Wenjun, General Manager of Changzhou Advanced Titanate Materials Technology Ltd., made a wonderful speech entitled " Study on the Application of Potassium Magnesium Titanate with Rich Layered Structure in Brake Pad"; Zhang Hao, founder of Shijiazhuang Shuo Ruo Technology Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful speech titled "Toughening Agents for Friction Materials"; Liu Yi, the director of Xi'an Shuntong Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Technology, gave a wonderful speech titled "Test technology and practice of friction material products and friction components"; Yang Chengrui, Senior Advisor of Beijing Jinke Composite Materials Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful speech titled " Introduction to materials and formulations of NFJ® copon-free antimony free brake pads"; Lu Guowang, R&D engineer of Zhejiang Green New Materials Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful speech titled "The application status and development trend of Fluorine-containing materials Used in friction & sealing materials".

The technical report meeting ended at noon on June 3, and the participants said that the report is fruitful, and they look forward to more opportunities for technical exchanges and achievements display.

Highlight 5. The sealed report is upgraded, and the high-level forum is exciting and colorful

The first non-metallic sealing product quality development conference and high-level forum was hold from the afternoon of June 1  to June 2 in Chopin conference Hall of Vienna International Hotel . 17 experts delivered speeches, they were from automobile and agricultural machinery manufacturing, power equipment manufacturing, universities and research institutes, raw and auxiliary materials production and equipment manufacturing, sealing materials production and other different industries.  Most of them are quite accomplished well-known experts, there is no lack of young elite rookie, they give speeches from different industry, working conditions, equipment, materials, products and other dimensions, explain sealing technology, product performance, application research, development trends.They discuss with the sealing related industry enterprise representatives, jointly seek and explore the road of safe, green, high quality development.

The content of the report has both breadth and depth, including market analysis and demand forecast of non-metallic sealing materials and new energy vehicles, new requirements and standards for sealing materials in different industries, innovative achievements in non-metallic sealing new products, processes, equipment and formulas, high-quality development strategies for non-metallic sealing enterprises, and sharing of achievements in automation, intelligence, and digital development,the ways and means of participating in international competition under the new situation,etc. The reports analyzes the current situation of the industry development and the problems that need to be paid attention to from different perspectives and dimensions. and puts forward the future development trend of the industry, which provides feasible ideas and directions for the future high-quality development of enterprises.

At this forum, Yang Bin, Senior Director of the Materials Accreditation Center of the R&D Institute of China FAW Group Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled "Exploration of Automotive Power System Sealing Technology"; Chang Yazhou, Technical Vice General Manager of Yituo (Luoyang) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled " Research on Sealing Based on Solving the ‘Three Leaks’ Problem in Diesel Engines "; Zhuang Jinfeng, General Manager of Gasket Materials Division of China National Pulp & Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled " Analysis on the Development Status of Fiber Sealing Materials Industry in China "; Wu Yimin, Vice Chairman and Chief Engineer of Zhejiang Cathay Packing&Sealing Materials Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled "Application of Flexible Graphite in Sealing of Nuclear Power Plants"; Liu Junjie of Beijing Zhengmai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. made a technical report entitled "Typical Application of CAE Technology to Equipment Sealing", and Tian Yaxi, the supervisor of Shenzhen Hydrolaser Technology Limited made a fine report entitled "Application of Laser Cleaning in Friction Sealing Industry" on behalf of Jinyang, the general manager; Wu Jinpeng, Chairman of Hubei JONYOHTO New Material Technology Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled " The Metal Skeleton Conforms to the Application Prospects of Rubber Sealing Coils "; Xu Changgang, Deputy General Manager of Chengdu Sechin Advanced Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd. & Runhua (Jiangsu) New Materials Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled " Application of High-performance Fibers in the Field of Friction and Sealing "; Pan Zhou, General Manager of SealTex Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled " The latest market change and development trend of international fiber rubber materials ".

Jiao Hongbin, Vice President of Northwest Operations Center of China Testing & Certification International Group Xianyang Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled " Wet Process Mineral Fiber Manufacturing and its Application in Sealing Materials "; Hua Kai, Sales Director of Zhongfang New Materials Technology Co., Ltd, gave a wonderful report titled "Application of Aramid Pulp in Rubber Products"; Professor Zhang Jun from the School of Mechanical Engineering at Dalian University of Technology gave a wonderful report titled " Development of A New Creep Relaxation Rate Detection Device "; Professor Xie Sujiang from the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering at East China University of Science and Technology gave a wonderful report titled "Characterization and Application of Creep Relaxation Performance of Sealing Materials"; Xie Chong, Chief Engineer of Xi'an Herong Electric Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled "Technical Requirements and Development Trends of Seals for Oil Immersed Power Capacitors"; Qiao Zhongqiang, Chief Engineer of Wuxi Xiangjian Four Fluorine Products Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled " Properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene and its application in Sealing Industry "; Lou Xiudong, Minister of Technology Department of Changchun Blue Sky Sealing Technology Development Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report titled "Technical Requirements for Motorcycle Engine Gaskets"; Dr. Gao Guanying, CFSMA Senior Advisor, gave a wonderful report titled "Sealing Principles and Design Applications of Sealing Materials".

After the report, Q&A and special discussion were held, including interactive communication around the report content;the interaction  between sealing material manufacturers and application manufacturers;  the development trend of sealing materials and the direction of enterprise development and so on.The scene is extremely warm, everyone is deeply inspired, the confidence of the sealing industry is multiplied..

Highlight 6. Synchronize online and offline exhibition to create a multi-dimensional communication platform

The 25th exhibition continues to adopt a combination of online and offline exhibition modes. In order to make up for the impact of the COVID-19 on exhibitions and provide more publicity opportunities for exhibitors, since 2020, the Association has adopted the mode of combining offline and online exhibitions. At the same time of offline exhibition,online exhibitions was held to provide free value-added services for exhibitors.Through the Internet, the exhibition will be intensively and widely publicized.

The online exhibition provides a channel for the industry insiders who are unable to reach the offline exhibition site. During the exhibition, more than 5000 people visited the exhibition online, creating a comprehensive exhibition communication service platform.

Highlight 7. Utilizing exhibition platforms to promote industry talent training

The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Xianyang Normal University is a talent training base of CFSMA. In order to support the work of the college,help students to carry out professional understanding and practice and carry out corresponding activities with enterprises, in the exhibition CFSMA set up a booth for free for the college,and arranged student volunteer service projects.Hundreds of students were provided with the free visit and snacks,they can meet communicate and learn from the face-to-face opportunity with domestic and foreign enterprises.

The students actively took advantage of this excellent opportunity to gain a extensive and in-depth understanding of the industry, improve their comprehensive knowledge and professional level, and calibrate the direction of future efforts.

The 25th International Friction and Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition, which lasted for three days, has come to a successful end. The participants were enthusiastic and full of confidence.After the lively exhibition and exciting report exchange, the exhibition and conference leave them panting for more.

The curtain does not end, CFSMA will continue to stay true to its original aspiration and forge ahead to create a more professional, efficient, and valuable exchange platform for the industry. We will be there for the 26th International Friction and Sealing Materials Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition next year,See you there!