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The 22nd International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition Successfully Concluded

2020-10-28    from:


Hosted by the China Friction & Sealing Material Association of "The 22nd International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition", after a three-day exhibition, on Oct. 16th, closed victoriously in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center.


On Oct. 14th, the opening day of exhibition, Mr. Wang Yao, the executive director of China Friction & Sealing Material Association accompanied with Mr. Yin Minghan, inspector of The department of Standards and Technology Administration of the State Administration for Market Regulation and standardization Administration; Mr. Yao Guibao, grade A inspector of Heilongjiang Market Supervision Administration; Mr. Yu Hongtao, mayor and Party secretary of Jixi Deputy in Heilongjiang Province; Mr. Pan Beichen, researcher of Equipment Materials Department, Standard Technology Management Department, State Administration for Market Regulation; Mr. Pan Donghui, vice secretary general of China Building Materials Federation, director of Structural Adjustment and Development Department, president of China Non-Metallic Minerals Industry Association; Mr. Ye Yingchun, vice mayor and member of the Standing Committee of Jixi Municipal Party Committee of Heilongjiang Province; Mr. Zou Yuzhi, deputy general manager of Science and Technology Department of China Building Materials Group; Mr. Chen Zhengguo, chief engineer of China Building Materials Industrial Geological Survey Center; Mr. Li Gandi, secretary of Party Group of Chenzhou Market Supervision Bureau of Hunan Province; Mr. Wang Zhijun, executive director and Party Secretary of China Nonmetallic Minerals Industry Co., Ltd., and other leaders and important guests visited the exhibition.


Mr. YinMingHan fully affirmed the committee service industry and a high degree of cohesion; congratulated the successful hosting of the international exhibition after the outbreak time. At the same time, he put forward higher requirements on deepen the reform of the standardized association, strengthen the construction of standard system, eagerly anticipates the enterprise transformation and upgrading, to carry out the self-discipline, promote standard mass interconnectivity, promote industry economic efficiency and so on work.



The exhibition as the theme of "Quality Development", advocate the industry with science and technology innovation as the drive, to comprehensively promote the friction sealing materials industry capacity, short board, restructuring and increasing benefits. Exhibition area reached 10000 square meters, had 200 exhibitor companies. Affected by the outbreak, some foreign enterprises failed to visit the exhibition, but there are still a lot of foreign companies through domestic joint venture or agency to participate in the exhibition, embodies the powerful attraction of this exhibition and international characteristics. Exhibitors covers friction sealing products, all kinds of raw materials, all kinds of fiber materials, chemical products, equipment, instruments and other related products such as the whole industry chain upstream and downstream in various fields, for a friction sealing industry professionals to provide one-stop purchasing communication service platform.



International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition has successfully hosted the 21st session, the exhibition become the largest in the world international first-class professional friction and sealing exhibition now. Affected by the outbreak in 2020, the industry has a huge impact, friction & sealing industry enterprises overcome great difficulties, steady production, innovation and development. For fully showed the latest achievements of the development of the industry with high quality, leading and boost the confidence of the industry development, promote trade and technological exchanges and accelerate the development of industry to restore vitality, the China Friction & Sealing Material Association in domestic has held the exhibition after outbreak phased victory, have strong support from the leading enterprises. domestic industry leading enterprises, such as Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., Ltd., Dongying Xinyi Brake System Co., Ltd., Yantai Ishikawa Sealing Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Junma Sealing Technology Co., Ltd.; other international well-known enterprises such as Cardolite Chemical (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd., Link Engineering Company, Otsuka Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Teijin Aramid Asia Co., Ltd. all of them were shown at the exhibition. They are revitalizing the development of the friction sealing industry in China after the outbreak has played a positive role in driving.



After the Outbreak Annual Feast, Booth Reservation Continued to Boom


Booth reservation of this exhibition continues to be hot. In less than half a day, after the news was released online at the end of 2019, all the raw space booths were booked out, and more than 100 enterprises registered for the exhibition on that day. Despite the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of this year, with the announcement of the postponement of the exhibition, many enterprises still called the association to request the exhibition. In line with the principle of customer first, the committee constantly adjusted arranged booth framework, increase the booth, to maximize to meet the needs of enterprises.


Exhibition Scene is Brilliant


In the spacious and bright exhibition area, the raw space booths are colorful, the foreign booths are eye-catching and extraordinary, and the standard booths are neat and uniform. Besides, the latest technology brake pads, seals and all kinds of raw and auxiliary materials, production equipment and testing instruments are dazzling. Although covid-19 has had a great impact on the whole industry, companies in the friction-sealing industry have overcome huge difficulties and achieved steady production and benefits. The exhibitors not only have the old exhibitors who have been participating in the exhibition for years, but also have a group of newly joined enterprises, forming a complete industrial chain from all kinds of raw materials, processing equipment, testing instruments, all kinds of products to packaging and conveying enterprises and scientific research institutions.



Online and Offline Exhibition Mode was Adopted At first Time

To make up for the covid-19 impact of the epidemic, provide more promotional opportunities for exhibitors, this year for the first time adopted the combination of offline and online exhibition mode, exhibition in line at the same time, online exhibitions, provide free value-added service for exhibitors, through the Internet form, widely concentrated on the exhibition.

On Oct. 11st, the online exhibition was opened, and all the offline exhibitors showed up online. The introduction, schedules, exhibitors’ recommended, interactive zone, the content are as wonderful as the offline exhibition. Visitors can easily visit and take part in an interaction the exhibition on the cloud by logging on zh.cfsma.org.cn. Make fair got rid of the limit of time and space; let more people especially foreign friends to get more about the exhibition and exhibitors. It greatly improves the exhibition opportunities for exhibitors, enhances the display effect, and embodies the service function of the association. By the Oct. 19th, the total number of page views had reached nearly 2,500, with the highest number of page views in a single day reaching 518.


“Full of Dry Cargo” Sharing Event, Sharing the Forefront of the Industry


The technical report meeting held at the same time of the exhibition is a grand event for industry experts and scholars to exchange and share technical experience. The technical exchange meeting will start in the afternoon of Oct. 15th and end in the morning of Oct. 16th. In the morning of Oct. 16th, the friction material technical report meeting and sealing material technical exchange meeting will be held simultaneously.


In the Oct.15th afternoon comprehensive technical report meeting, Mr. Lei Jianbin, the General Manager of China Building Material Test & Certification Group Xianyang Co., Ltd.; Mr. Du Mengzi, the Executive President of Huangshan Feiying Auto Parts Co., Ltd.; Mr. Chen Qiuer, the Senior Manager of Foundation Brake Team, Chassis Engineering Department, Shanghai NIO Co., Ltd.; Mr. Gao Mingxiao, the Senior Engineer of vehicle dynamic development department of Geely Automobile Research Institute; Mr. Zhen Minghui, the Chief Engineer, Vice President and General Manager of R&D Division in Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd.; Mr. Yi Hanhui, the Deputy Director of Zhuhai Glory Friction Material Co., Ltd. 6 experts respectively thematic report about “Main points of standard for automotive brake friction materials and risk classification control of 3C certification quality”, “The Practical Role of the Concept of “Taking Dreams as Horses” in the Development of Enterprises”, “Electrical Vehicle Regenerative Influence on Brake Pad”, “Application of TRIZ in Solving the Problem of Brake Judder”, “Research on Formation Mechanism of MPU Based on Friction Interface”, “Study On Thermal Properties of Friction Materials”.


In the morning of Oct. 16th friction technology report meeting, Mr. Zhang Renyi, the Executive Director, Deputy General Manager of Zhengzhou Baiyun Industrial Co., Ltd.; Mr. Zhou Wenlong, the Professor & Doctoral supervisor of Dalian University of Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering; Mr. Chen Kewen, the Minister of Science and Technology Development Department of China Building Material Test & Certification Group Xianyang Co., Ltd.; Mr. Wang Lining, the Deputy Senior Engineer of Jilin Province JiDa Elec.-Mech. Machinery Co., Ltd.; Mr. Xu Xiongfei, from Friction Materials Institute of Guangxi University for Nationalities.; Mr. Zhang Hao, the General Manager of Shijiazhuang Shuoruo Technology Co., Ltd. 6 experts respectively thematic report about “The Exchange of Feeding and Pressing Process and Environmental Improvement In the Friction Material Industry”, “Review on the Carbon Fiber Composite Resin Based Friction Materials”, “Analysis of Detection Results of Brake Linings for Automobiles with New National Standard”, “An In-depth Study of Supporting Standard Towing Testing Machine of GB/T34007”, “Effect of Flake Graphite Content on the Properties of Copper-based P/M Materials for Metro Collector Boots”, “Selection and Control of Friction Materials”.


In the morning of Oct. 16th sealing technology report meeting, Mr. Xie Sujiang, the Associate Professor School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology; Mr. Du Ming, the Director of Equipment Measurement Department of China Building Material Test & Certification Group(Xianyang) Co., Ltd.; Mr. Wang Ping, the Vice-General Manager of Yantai Ishikawa Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. 3 experts respectively thematic report about “Analysis and Test Research of Gasket Sealability Test Standard at Home and Abroad”, “Creep Relaxation Rate Test Method and Calibration and Use of Prestressed Bolts”, “The Impact of Engine Emission Upgrading on Sealing Gaskets”. At same time, experts had in-depth and extensive interaction with the delegates to answer their questions.


Experts will not reserve their own years of research experience and experimental data, real materials to share with delegates, share experience, report the results, it is a rich industry feast, it is also reflects the association to promote the industry progress function.


Integrated Epidemic Prevention Management, Safe Exhibition Environment


To carry out before Health Committee in Ningbo, public security and other relevant departments under the guidance of the organizers as part of the China Friction & Sealing Material Association training and emergency drills on epidemic prevention and control were conducted. Meanwhile, masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, quick-drying hand gel, temperature detection devices and other epidemic prevention materials were prepared on site. We assign a person to take charge of temperature detection and health code verification, and set up temporary isolation points, etc. Visitors are required to take their body temperature, wear masks, show their health green code, and strictly observe relevant epidemic prevention regulations to ensure the safety of the exhibition.


On Oct. 14th, during the exhibition, China Friction & Sealing Material Association held the Seventh Member Congress with Fifth Plenary Session in Xinyue Four Seasons Hotel in Ningbo. The meeting passed the bill to the articles of association of the modified, supplemented two director companies, passed the bill to the articles of move office address, the secretary general of the Association Mr. Shang Xingchun presided over the meeting.


The development of the exhibition is inseparable from the strong support of all companies, everyone actively participate in the meeting, which is not only the needs of the enterprise's own development, but also a concrete action to support the work of China Friction & Sealing Material Association. Especially the following enterprises: Diamond Sponsor, Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd.; Gold Sponsors, Otsuka Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Zhongbang Superhard Tools Co., Ltd.; Silver Sponsors, Jiangsu REK High-Tec Materials Co., Ltd., Ningbo Zhisheng Oven Co., Ltd., Jiangsu New Champion Brake Technology Co., Ltd., Yantai Taparan Advanced Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Dingle Industry Material & Technology Ltd., Delidong (Hubei) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Hengshui Jiansheng Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd., Taiwan First Brakes Technology Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Shuoruo Technology Co., Ltd. They selfless donated real money to give sponsorship. At the same time, many experts put their own painstaking research results; take out to share with everyone. Hereto, on behalf of the organizer, the secretary-general of the association Mr. Shang Xingchun, would like to express his heartfelt thanks and high respect!


Three-day exhibition and technical exchanges successfully concluded, we all have boundless feeling. The whole industry has been affected by the outbreak this year, But people were saying, we must gather strength, work as one, stand together regardless of situation, strive forward with one heart and mind, create a bright future for friction seal industry. People achieved mutual agreement; see you in the 23rd International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition in next year.


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