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The 21th  International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product  Exhibition held by China Friction & Sealing Materials Association concluded  successfully

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The 21th  International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product  Exhibition held by China Friction & Sealing Materials Association concluded  successfully

——President Qiao Longde attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the conference.


 On May the 5th and 6th , 2019, The 21th  International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product  Exhibition sponsored by China Friction & Sealing Materials Association was held in Hefei international convention and exhibition center, Anhui province. President of China building materials federation Qiao Longde attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the conference.

On May the 5th  at 9:00 am, a brief opening ceremony was held. Tang Diyuan, president of the board of directors of the association and President of Shandong Shengquan group co., LTD., delivered a sincere welcome speech. Adam technical director of Link Transportation Testing Technology (Shanghai) Co. LTD, made a passionate speech and congratulated on the opening of the conference. The opening ceremony was presided over by Shang Xingchun, secretary general of China friction & sealing material association.


The customers who cut the ribbon for conference are :China building materials federation chairman Qiao Longde, China building materials federation President assistant, vice chairman of the China council for the promotion of international trade building materials sbucouncil, China friction &sealing materials association Executive director Wang Yao, the China friction &sealing materials association, chairman of the duty, chairman of Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., Ltd. Tang Diyuan; Honorary President of Huangshi Raw Friction Materials Association Shi Daijia; Vice president and chief engineer of Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd. Zhen Minghui; The president in turn of CFSMA also the vice-general manager of Zhejiang Cathy  Packing & Sealing Co., Ltd. Wu Yimin; the president of CFSMA, the chairman of Xian yang Non-metallic Mineral R&D Institute Co., Ltd Lei Jianbin; senior advisor of CFSMA,  an American famous sealing materials specialist Gao Guanying; vice president of CFSMA and an of Jilin Jida Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Wang Tieshan; vice president of CFSMA and General manager of Yantai Shichuan Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. Lou Jiangbo,

Nearly 30 countries and regions in the americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the asia-pacific region famous enterprises and famous experts and domestic friction sealing industry related personnel more than 2000 people attended the opening ceremony.


Subsequently, President Qiao Longde accompanied byWang Yao, executive director of China friction &sealing material association and other leaders and important guests visit the exhibition. president Qiao Longde, has fully affirmed the achievement of the Friction Sealing Materials Association in recent years., His inscription to the friction & sealing industry arose a great deal of excitement in the industry: " friction sealing materials industry in China, never forget the  mission, innovated continually, Small industry make  a big difference for the forty years. " at the same time, he puts forward higher requirements in friction sealing materials association of innovation thinking, enhance service awareness, leading the industry development .


International exchange of friction sealing materials technology and products exhibition has been successfully held for 20 years, under the strong support of the domestic and foreign counterparts, the exhibition have achieved a certain scale and gradually expanded influence and has become the largest first-class friction &sealed professional exhibition in the world,.The exhibition approved by the state ministry of commerce, exhibition, a total area of more than ten thousand square meters, which is more than the last. There are 215 domestic and international famous enterprises. Foreign enterprises accounted for more than 20%, and we continue to promote the internationalization of the industry . The innovative booth area is also a highlight of the exhibition.




This exhibition coincides with the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. In the past 40 years, China's friction sealing material industry has made great achievements along with the great changes of China . In order to review the history, highlight the generation after generation of friction sealing material to achieve the great dream of the struggle spirit, inspire the industry to remember the mission, continuous innovation, unremitting struggle, brave peak, CFSMA association held a grand reform and opening up the 40th anniversary of the friction sealing materials industry achievements show in the exhibition site to show the great progress in the past 40 years. It is the embodiment of the association's function of promoting industry progress, and also the second highlight of this exhibition.


The biggest characteristic of this exhibition is the booth booking work is very hot, just released a message on the Internet, nearly a hundred booths were booked, in the final stage, although the deadline for registration has passed, there are still some units have asked to participate in the exhibition. In the principle of customer first, the conference committee never mind trouble and worked overtime to Meet customer needs. and even squeezes out the exhibition area reserved by the association and the trade exchange and negotiation area. which is the third highlight of this exhibition.

Industry development needs of science and technology, and the innovation cannot leave the talents of science and technology, in the exhibition, CFSMA provides a free booth to XianyYang Normal University, for the friction &sealing graduates to show themselves. And it is also a platform for the industry enterprise to selecte excellent talents . It is a two- way choice Bridges, and a reflection is service industry association function; It is also the fourth highlight of this exhibition.



In the spacious and bright exhibition area, the special booth is colorful, the foreign booth is tall and striking, the standard booth is neat and uniform, and the latest technology of brake pads, seals and all kinds of raw and auxiliary materials, full of beautiful things in eyes of production equipment, testing instruments, with foreign galleries and group galleries with square column booth, tall booth especially eye-catching, let a person shine at the moment, telling the different of these booths, attracts you must go to visit, the emphasis on foreign galleries and group galleries also become the fifth highlight of the exhibition.



There are both a number of backbone enterprises participating all year round, and also a number of new high-tech enterprises to join the exhibition, new technology, new technology, new equipment, new materials is still the highlight of the exhibition, showing the development and progress of the industry; From all kinds of raw materials, processing equipment, testing instruments, various types of products to packaging and transportation enterprises, etc., a complete industrial chain has been formed, which is also the full embodiment of the role of association bridges.

The development of the exhibition is inseparable from the strong support of all units, especially some sponsors, who have self-sufficiently offered real money and silver sponsorship., for this, the association did not forget that this exhibition will be the previous exhibition of the sponsor of the show, in order to show the gratitude of the association, but also the sixth highlight of the exhibition.

The technical seminars from May the 5th pm to May the 6th,  Made a wonderful speech on brand strategy, new energy vehicles on friction seal material requirements, material performance testing methods, testing instruments verification, industry development direction, the latest production technology, as well as independent innovation, intelligent, etc., Shared their years of research experience and test data, the evidence, genuine materials, was inspired to attending personnel; It is also an embodiment of the leading function of scientific and technological innovation of the association.




On May the 5th, , Chinese association of friction sealing materials the seventh member congress of the fourth plenary meeting has been held in Feng Da international hotel, the meeting in the form of a vote, decided to supplement general manager of Chang Ming friction materials science and technology co., LTD., Zhang Qiong, vice manager of Hangzhou HangCheng friction material co., LTD., An Zhongwen , general manager of dezhou lubang steel & cotton co., ltd.Zhang Jianming ,as the 7th council member of CFSMA.


On the evening of May the 5th before the conference, the promotional film of Huangshi Raw Friction Materials Association Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., Ltd. ,Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd.have been broadcasted , showing the style of advanced enterprises for everyone, and it is also the embodiment of the association's responsibility to promote and support outstanding enterprises.

The strong support from all companies has promoted the development of the exhibition, which is not only the need of the enterprise's own development, but also the specific action to support the work of China friction sealing material association and the industry. In particular, the following enterprises: Huangshi Raw Friction Materials Association Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., Ltd. ,Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd.,Otsuka Chemical Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou ZhongBang SuperHard Tools Co., Ltd.,Jiangsu REK High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd. Yantai Taparan Advanced Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd, Huangshi Saite Friction Material Co., Ltd. ,Jiangsu New Hongtai Friction Material Co., Ltd.,DingGu Industrial Material & Technology Co., Ltd, ZhongShan,Shijiazhuang Shuo Mao Friction Material Technology Co. Ltd.,Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd.,Taiwan First Brakes Technology Co., Ltd., Selflessly giving out real money for sponsorship. At the same time, many Chinese and foreign experts, old and new, put their painstaking research results out to share with , the association expressed heartfelt thanks to them.

The two-day exhibition and technical exchange activities ended, The three-day meeting was over, we all have boundless feeling, and make an agreement to meet at the 22th CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition next year.