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22nd CFSMA Exhibition--Deadlines & Pricing

2020-04-23    from:

22nd  CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Exhibition and Colloquium


Oct. 14th-16th, 2020Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhejiang Province, China.



Booth Types

By Aug. 5th, 2020

After Aug. 5th, 2020

Custom-built   Booth

$200   / (minimum   36m2 or Larger)

$250   / (minimum   36m2 or Larger)

Standard   Booth

$2000   / 3m×3m

$2500   /3m×3m

Corner   Position Surcharges:

add   500 CNY for a standard booth fees (surcharges will be exempted for booking 2   booths nearby corner)

Cancellation and Refund

1. Refunds 100% cost of exhibit space, before July.14th, 2020.

2. Refunds 70% cost of exhibit space, before Aug.4th, 2020.

3. Refunds 50% cost of exhibit space, before Aug.24th, 2020.

4. Refunds 30% cost of exhibit space, before Sep.14th, 2020.

5. No Refunds will be issued after Sep.14th, 2020.



(Registration   Fees)

By Sep. 5th, 2020

After Sep. 5th,   2020




§   One standard booth allows two persons register free

§   When  you complete registration, you will get one bag includes: a  representative badge, one meal ticket, one banquet ticket, one exhibitor  book, and one souvenir.

§   The bag will be provided when registration on Oct.13th, 2020.



Bank Account: China   Friction & Sealing Material Association

Address: No.11   Jia, Sanlihe Road Haidian District, Beijing, China (100037)

Deposit Bank:   Industrial and Commercial Bank of China [ICBC], Beijing Baiwanzhuang Branch

Account No:   0200001409014412822


CNAPS Code:102100000144

TFN: 51100000500009503X


§   Please complete payment within 15 days when you submit application form.

§   Please screen your bank slip and send to us when you complete payment if possible.



Contact Information

Mr. Yao Wang, President, CFSMA

Tel: 0086-10-88083899  

Cell phone: 13501192835

Email: cfsma1@126.com; w434y@163.com 


Miss Shi

Tel: 0086-10-88084682

Email: cfsma9@126.com