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New Year Greeting

2018-08-03    from:

In the boom of  studying and implementing the spirit of 19th National Congress, and on the  arrival of 2018, I would like to express New Year greetings and goodness, to all  the staff of member companies .And May all of you good health and prosperous  business in the New Year.


In 2017, with the  joint efforts of all the entrepreneurs and all the colleagues in the industry,  China's friction-sealing material industry has made steady progress and healthy  development. The technological advances and economic operations of the industry  continue to improve. We have made great progress in cutting production capacity,  addressing weak link, adjusting structure and growing steadily. It shows the  great progress of China friction sealing material industry with the listing of  the main board of Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., LTD. Attention to environmental  protection, accelerated intelligent pace, a number of industrial transformation  and upgrading projects are under construction. Products to high-end development,  the market to the high-end sector, It has become a common goal and industry  consensus to follow the path of quality and efficiency development. The 19th  congress has clearly defined the right course to proceed. Thanks to a large  number of people who are willing to learn, love to study, dare to attack,  China's friction sealing materials industry  developing explosively.


And at the same  times ,We should see clearly that China's friction Sealing material industry now  still in the lack of high capacity and excess low end capacity .To change this  situation as soon as possible is an important task for the industry. It means we  should change the excess low end capacity and technology situation .and Make up  for the shortage of lacking high-end technology and product. This is one of the  most important tasks which The 19th congress assigned to  us.


On the other hand,  with the rapid development of new energy vehicles and even the smart car and the  transformation and upgrading of machinery industry, braking, transmission as  well as the process and equipment structure and require significant changes may  occur. If we can't keep up with The times, the "salt" of the traditional  industry could be replaced by a variety of "MSG". This should not be  alarmist.


In the New Year, we  will strive to carry out supply-side structural reform under the guidance of the  spirit of the 19th congress. On the one hand, we strictly implement the policies  and the laws of the party and state, to constantly improve and stabilize the  quality of products. On the other hand, it is important to keep an eye on the  trend of development, prepare for a rainy day, gather technical talents and  invest in scientific research, so as to usher in a new wave of technological  revolution. Only in this way can we win.


Let us unite  closely around the party central committee headed by Mr. Xi, don't forget to  beginner's mind, keep in mind the mission, striving, go forward, in order to  achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation dream our new greater  contributions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Wang  Yao